About You

You Need Results Not Risk

The proof of the confidence we have in our services is demonstrated by this: our mail program is so effective, we can set it up so that it is paid for exclusively from self-generated direct mail funds. The mail program we implement finances itself, doesn’t risk your valuable funds, and contributes net dollars to your operation.

You Need to Break Through

Your candidate has a story to tell. It's a story that sets your campaign apart from the competition. It will convince prospective donors and activists to support your candidate, build brand identity, and help cultivate loyalty within your base.

Response America will tell your story effectively and convincingly through creative messaging that captures the authentic voice of the letter signer and packaged with impact that can’t be ignored.

You Need More Time, Not Less, to Focus

Response America offers a unique, turnkey solution for direct response campaigns that allows clients to focus on their day-to-day campaign responsibilities and leaves the minutiae of arcane direct mail to us.

The process of working with our agency is designed to ensure maximum efficiency for your campaign. We draft and revise all letter copy, manage the process of printing and mailing, and even set up professional caging and escrow to handle direct mail returns and bill payment, if needed. While we manage every step of the process, we do not take any steps without advance approval from the campaign. Everything including copy, budgets, schedules, et cetera, will only be put into action with explicit approval. Additionally, we provide detailed mailing analysis for each mailing and the program as a whole. We provide total transparency, while offering a turnkey solution for your direct mail needs. Our approach minimizes the drain on your finance staff’s time and allows them to focus on major donor and event fundraising.